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An Orcish Kind of Hero is a platforming adventure that places you in the shoes of an Orc going for a walk through the hills. Obviously things are not that simple, so our hero winds up in a mess and needs to fight for his life. Who does an Orc fight though? Knights and archers, of course!

This game swaps the traditional rolls of games. Instead of playing the knight in shining armor who is attacking the orcish horde, you are playing a loan warrior from the Orcish horde who is attacking an army of knights and archers. Why are you doing this and where are all of these soldiers from the land of men coming from? You will have to play to find out!

Update Guarantee

With the purchase of this game, you are getting access to life time updates. This is important, since the price of this title will increase as the size of the game increases. Get it early for the best value!


10% of each sale of this game will be going to charity. That isn't profit, but truly the amount that you pay. Please visit Mordavian's Games to see which Charity is currently being supported!

Update History

May 5th 2016 - Corrected some audio issues

May 16th 2016 - 2 new levels and various enemy bug fixes. New title song also added!


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Windows 36 MB
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Linux 39 MB